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Semi Retired !! I may be but from an early age my parents influenced me and still do. "If you respect who you see in the mirror son you're OK"

It is wierd but I can feel him over my shoulder as I type this.


35 years ago when I created Find A Part I never envisaged it becoming "The number one name" let alone how many people would plunder its use to basically mislead people into thinking they were using my companys services.

The basic problem is caused by greed and I was forced to end my first business partnership when the 0891 numbers (The forunners of todays 09 Numbers) were advertised with a Dismantler in the areas address (Without their permission) in the yellow pages without the cost per minute message as required by BT.  It was a fiddle that my original (Friend who I made a partner) thought clever. I did not, we parted ways.

Not surprisingly his so called "Parts Location Company" thinks that it is OK to use the name Find A Part to get people to use his site which for some reason hides the fact that it charges £1.50 per text quote in its Terms and conditions (If you can find the link)Are they the worst ? There is another who still charges £5 to send you a text although (Phone Pay Plus the 09 Watchdogs) seem to stoped the texts which directed the customer to phone thye supplier on an 09 Number (Without of corse mentioning the £1.50 an minute cost) or the fact that it was one of their 09 numbers which forwarded the customer to the Dismantlers normal phone (Oh by the way the dismantlers had no idea of the phone redirection)

The biggest problem for the real Find A Part "We got blamed for a lady spending nearly £90 using that service" before we provided the evidence that it was not us.

As you will see to the right Google (as well as every other serach engine) think there is nothing wrong with taking / receiving money for advertising from companies who pass themselves off as "Find A Part" and fiddle their customers.
If you think Google / others should stop letting people advertise under company names that they have nothing to do with then please complete our 30 second survey.

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