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METHANE - It's not just the cows !!!

WITH THANKS TO WIKIPEDIA Apart from Natural gas Fields (Yes Natural Gas is a form of Methane), an alternative method of obtaining methane is via biogas generated by the fermentation of organic matter including manure (Thats Poo), wastewater sludge, municipal solid waste (including landfills), or any other biodegradable waste food, Dying Vegitation or feedstock, under anaerobic conditions. (Bottled up or sealed in a Air tight Container with an outlet for the Methane Gas to be collected)


Anerobic conditions require the (Organic Matter) to be put into a sealed container where micro organisms (Bacteria) split the gunge mix into Gas and solids. That sounds technical but every human is basically a walking "Anerobic Digestor" thats why our flatulence (Farts) can be set alight. (Appologies if the word fart offends you the reader but if the word offends you then it's unfortunate) Mr Methane (Top Right makes a living out of it)

Rice is often associated with the far east especially China, and in fact Wetlands (Pady Fields) produce more Methane than Cows, but there are over 3,000,000 small size Anerobic Digestors in China (Bassically Sealed Cess Pits with Methane extraction which is then used for Cooking, Heating and burnt in an Electricity Generator) A simple question for politicians should therefore be why Cesspits introduced to Europe in the 16th century still dont use 20th Century Technology.          &           Considering that since 1998 In New York City USA cesspool collapse has killed 5 people.

Methane hydrates / clathrates (ice-like combinations of methane and water on the sea floor, found in vast quantities) are a potential future source of methane. Unfortunatly the melting of the Ice Caps is relesing Methane straight into the atmosphere in vast quantities.


That this section of text sits level with the grass that Cows love to eat and that there are Farmers around the World who have not only installed Anerobic Digestors on a scale where they can actually run big USA Trucks on Methane means that things are moving forward.

No doubt some entrepenure will get a sceme together to either gather the currently Free of Charge Methane above Russia and turn it into money making fuel or electricity. For now lets see if Allies 4 Earth can make a difference.

Although born in London, Norfolk in the UK where I have lived for 40 years is to be blunt Rural. It is a beautiful Country landsacape and Home to The Green Britain Centre  the brain child of Dale Vince who in 1996 created Ecotricity the world’s first renewable energy company with the ethos to invest every penny paid from its customers back into new green energy build in the UK.

I was surprised therefore to run into "Mr Redtape" (A government Misister no less) who seemed pleased to inform me that "A Farmer who was planning to put an unobtrusive Large capacity Anerobic Digestor on one of his Farms and maximise capacity by letting smaller neighbours bring their Cow Poo etc to his site would end up with a financial disaster on his hands". Mr Redtape then turned into "Mr Cockey" and stated that "Transporting such material under such circumstances would not be allowed as it would be classified as Hazardouse Material" Trouble was I put an answer forward, to the Farmer. He owns the land on which the Anerobic Digestor and The access road to it In a consortium / CoOp with the other smaller farmers. !! Transporting Cows much etc betweer Two "Farms" you own or rent is legally allowed. Readers can have thats as Free Environmental Consultancy because I hate "Mr Redtapes of every type"