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Since I started I have registered over 300 different web names which are held in trust for my family.

Many of them have active web sites but a certain number, just because of the unique web site name, are worth thousands of pounds.

My Rental Scheme is designed to enable people to pay a reasonable rent for a licence to use the site name, develop and build their site and share in the increased value of the site if a future offer is made for the site name.


www.autotrade-directory.co.uk was first registered over 16 years ago and untill thye systems which include Thousands of Repair Garage, Car sales sites, Body Shops and Other Motor Industry Specialsts was mothballed in 2014 came up No 1 on Google and other serch engines.

If you know anything about or are involved in the Motor Industry you will not need an explanation of the value of this web address.

Simply click the relative button below and make me an Sensible offer.